The FAQs in this section provide some information about copyrights, including how you can protect your own copyrighted works and avoid infringing the copyrights of other people when posting to Matbrawl, as well as how Matbrawl addresses reports of copyright infringement. If you believe someone is using your copyrighted work without your permission, you can fill out this form.

Please note that laws in different countries may vary. For more information on copyright law, you can visit the website of the U.S. Copyright Office or the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Matbrawl can?t provide you with legal advice, so you may want to speak with an attorney if you have more questions about copyright.

Learn More About Copyright

What is copyright and what does it protect?

In most countries, copyright is a legal right that protects original works of authorship. Typically, if you create an original work, you have a copyright from the moment you create it.

Copyright covers a wide variety of types of works, including:

Visual or audiovisual works: videos, movies, TV shows and broadcasts, video games, paintings, photographs

Audio works: songs, musical compositions, sound recordings, spoken word recordings

Literary works: books, plays, manuscripts, articles, musical scores

Please note, only an original work is eligible for copyright protection. To be original enough for copyright protection, a work needs to be created by the author themselves and have some minimal amount of creativity

Generally, names, titles, slogans or short phrases aren't considered to be original enough to qualify for copyright protection. For example, the symbol ?+? is likely not subject to copyright, but a painting full of shapes and colors arranged in a unique pattern is likely protected by copyright.

Copyright generally doesn?t protect facts or ideas, but it may protect the original words or images that express a fact or idea. This means that you may be able to express the same idea or fact as another author, as long as you don?t copy that author?s way of expressing that idea or fact. For example, a playwright may not be able to copyright the idea of a man waking up to repeat the same day over and over again, but the script for a play or movie expressing that idea could be subject to copyright.

How do we know If I own the copyright in a work?

In general, the person who creates an original work owns the copyright. For example, if you create a painting, you likely own the copyright in that painting. Similarly, if you take a photo, you likely own the copyright in that photo.

There may be situations where you might think you have a copyright in an original work, but you may not. For example:

If you appear in a photo or video, that doesn?t necessarily mean you have a copyright in that photo or video (learn more about what to do If you think a photo or video on Matbrawl might violate your privacy.)

If you take a photograph of a sculpture, that doesn?t mean you have the right to prevent someone else from also taking a photograph of the same sculpture.

If you create a work as part of your regular job responsibilities, you might not be the owner of the copyright in that work. Instead, there are circumstances where the law will consider your employer to be the ?author? of that work for copyright purposes.

If you?re not sure about the extent of your copyright in an original work, you may want to contact an attorney to advise you on your rights.

What rights do I have as a copy right owner?

As a copyright owner, you have certain rights under the law. These include the right to stop others from copying or distributing your work, or from creating new works based on your work. Copyright infringement generally occurs when a person engages in one of these activities without the copyright owner?s permission.

For example, when someone uploads your photo or video, they make a copy of that photo or video. The same is true if someone uses a song in the soundtrack to a video, even if they paid for a copy of that song on another service.

If you own a copyright, you have the right to grant permission to use your copyrighted work as well as the right to prevent other people from using your copyrighted work without permission.

How long does copyright protection last?

Copyright protection doesn?t last forever. Eventually, a work loses copyright protection and becomes part of the ?public domain.? Once a work is in the public domain, it?s freely available for anyone to use.

A central purpose of copyright law is to encourage people to make creative works. For this reason, the public domain ensures copyright owners obtain certain rights only for a limited amount of time. This balance between copyright law and the public domain gives the author an incentive to create, but also gives other people the ability to use the work without permission after the copyright expires.

There are many factors that determine when a work becomes part of the public domain. Some of these factors include when and where the work was first published, the type of work and the publisher. For example the Berne Convention, an international treaty about copyright, states that the copyright for most types of works must last at least 50 years after the author?s death. Countries, however, are free to set longer copyright terms within their own laws

Copyright and Posting Content on Matbrawl

How I can make sure the content I Posted to Matbrawl does'nt voilate the copyright?

Under Matbrawl Terms of Service and Community Standards, you can only post content to Matbrawl that doesn?t violate someone else's intellectual property rights. The best way to help make sure that what you post to Matbrawl doesn?t violate copyright law is to only post content that you?ve created yourself. It's possible to infringe someone else's copyright when you post their content on Matbrawl, even if you:

Recorded the content onto your own recording device (ex: a song playing in the background during a party, concert, sporting event, wedding, etc.)

Gave credit to the copyright owner

Included a disclaimer that you didn?t intend to infringe copyright

Didn?t intend to profit from it

Modified the work or added your own original material to it

Found the content available on the internet

Saw that others posted the same content as well

Think the use is a fair use

Before you post content on Matbrawl, you may want to ask:

Did I create all of the content myself?

Do I have permission to use all of the content included in my post?

Does my use of the content fall within an exception to copyright infringement?

Is the content protected by copyright (ex: is it a short phrase, idea or public domain work?)

t?s generally a good idea to get written permission from the owner of the work before posting content on Matbrawl. You might be able to use someone else?s content on Matbrawl if you?ve gotten permission from them, such as through obtaining a license. You also may be able to use someone else's content if it's in the public domain, is covered by fair use, or there is another exception to copyright.

Matbrwal Application is Protectd by U.S and International Copyrights laws Reproduction,Desgining,Structure and distribution of the Matbrawl App without written permission of the sponsor is prohibited